Succession Cropping to Get More out of Your Garden
Over the years, farmers and gardeners have developed several methods...
7 Tips to Help Your Grow a Better Summer Garden
Spring permits the gardener a chance to crank-up that wonderful...
Grow Your Own Mint in Containers
In ancient China, pharmacologists extolled the benefits of mint for...
Grow Your Own Parsley
With its insinuations of camphor and citrus, and its delicate...
Grow Your Own Coriander
The tiny, pungent leaves of the coriander plant make a...
The Basics of Garden Intercropping
Gardeners who tend to small gardens can enjoy a more...
Container Gardening for Beginners
Cunningly arranged, lushly planted containers bring the joy of gardening...
How to Create Your Own Wildlife Pond
You can create a watery sanctuary in your garden using...
Grow Your Own Horseradish
We grate it onto coleslaw or use it as a...
Grow Your Own French Tarragon
Unlike those overbearing herbs that dominate whatever dish they touch,...

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You’ve probably had or used a loofah sponge, whether in the bath or for cleaning around the house. But did you know it was made

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How to Make a Bicycle Planter

There are graveyards for mangled bicycles in vacant lots throughout China. Local governments have long pondered over how to dispose of millions of abandoned bicycles:


DIY Garden Grow Box and Trellis Combo

Trellises are great decorative elements for your backyard, don’t you think so? They look nice especially when the plants have started to climb through them.


DIY Strawberry Cage

My small family loves strawberries a little too much. This love affair with strawberries has prompted my mother-in-law and I to grow our own. We

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