10 Inspiring Small Garden Ideas for Your Limited Space

A small garden does not have to be devoid of style or variety. Even with a small amount of space, through some brilliant small garden ideas, you can create a lovely, functional garden that will bring you joy. Whether you’re dealing with a balcony, small backyard, or indoor garden, there are plenty of small garden […]

Vertical Gardens: Harnessing Nature’s Great Power

Vertical gardens are an innovative and sustainable way to bring nature into our homes, businesses, and cities. Vertical gardens are popularly used to bring nature into urban spaces that do not have access to green space, as well as to decorate more traditional green spaces. Vertical gardens not only bring beauty and life to the […]

Vertical Gardening: Get the Most Yield with These 8 Proven Strategies

For any serious gardener, achieving maximum harvest yields from the available space is a priority. Vertical gardening is a great way to maximize space and yield from a small garden. Vertical gardening is a method of cultivating plants upwards, rather than outwards. This can be achieved through a variety of techniques, including using potting containers, […]

8 Best Vertical Garden Planters for Flexible Growing Opportunities

If you’re short on space and want to get some green-fingered action, you should start considering vertical gardening. Vertical gardening or farming has numerous advantages, including improved air quality, mental health, food miles, and, in some cases, energy costs or usage. Of course, there are some ‘drawbacks’ to consider, but this is completely normal. Vertical […]

Best Vertical Planters Guide: 6 Helpful Advice

Do you struggle to garden on limited time in a little corner of your backyard? If you’ve got just a few inches of space to grow food, go vertical. Here’s what you can grow and everything else you need to know about vertical planters.

15 DIY Privacy Screen Ideas to Boost Your Outdoor Space

No matter how sociable you are, everyone loves to have some privacy. One of the best ways to block the sightlines of nosy neighbors and passersby is to erect some kind of privacy screen. Making your own privacy screens can be an enjoyable project for the whole family. Here are some privacy screen ideas to […]

Making an Inexpensive DIY Grow Light Shelving System With 5 Materials

If you live in an area with warm or moderate temperatures throughout the year, growing your own food isn’t a big problem. You can plant organic crops promptly and then harvest them accordingly. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables right from your very own backyard. However, some people aren’t as lucky. Growing crops in […]

Strawberry Milk Crate Tower: 10-Step Cheap Gardening Project

My boys love strawberries. A couple of years ago, we decided to grow our own. The boys enjoyed it so much because it was a family effort. Our first two harvests went well. After that, we had to move the plants because they were infested with aphids. Last year, however, we had an extremely disappointing […]