Grow Your Own Space Saving Vertical Onion Planter

Imagine how convenient it would be to have access to fresh onions all year round. I’m not talking about those that you buy from supermarkets – those aren’t guaranteed fresh, right? I’m referring to having your own onion plants, grown indoors, by your own hands. Think about this: when you want a fresh onion for […]

How to Build a Space-saving Staircase Vertical Planter

Space-saving ideas are always welcome, especially if you live in a tight spot. This leaves room for something else or makes an area less cluttered. If you’re constantly on the lookout for tips that will help you make good use of space, this one’s for you. Vertical gardening is very popular because it allows you […]

How to Make A Hanging Garden Using Shoe Organizers

f you’ve always wanted a garden but couldn’t do so because of your small backyard, that’s no longer a problem. Most gardeners will tell you, if you can’t grow plants horizontally, go vertical. Have you seen those hanging pocket organizers used for shoe storage? Well, you can use them to grow plants. The possibilities are […]

How to Make a Vertical Planter From Bamboo

We used to complain about small spaces. Over the years, we learned that instead of complaining, it’s better to find a solution. And that we did. We have learned to use the nook, crannies, and walls, maximizing space. In addition, we have learned to look up. The use of vertical space is a profound answer […]

How to Build a Strawberry Tower

I love strawberries and I’ve always wanted to grow my own. I wanted to be able to pick them by myself and eat fresh strawberries right from our own backyard. One thing that has stopped me from actually planting and growing them is because I have very limited backyard space. There’s just not enough space. […]

The Green Promise of Vertical Food Gardens

Over the Rainbow Chard: A worker tends to double-sided walls of rainbow chard at one of Plenty’s facilities. Tubes of LEDs tuned for these specific plants light the leaves from multiple angles, something conventional vertical farms are now starting to experiment with by lighting the leaves from beneath as well as above.

In crowded cities, vertical gardens have the potential to filter the air, turning otherwise harmful levels of smog into lush walls of greenery. Vertical gardens also bring life – in many forms – back to otherwise barren locations by proving food and refuge. And there is ample research showing that access to gardens, vertical or […]

How to make your own Vertical Planter

Here’s a step by step guide on how to make your own vertical planter. Materials: – Any length 100mm-150mm (4″ – 6″) diameter PVC or any other kind of pipe – Potting mix and compost – Plants (not large plants or bushes) – Large pebbles of about the same size for added support/stability – A […]