Pest Control for Your Indoor Garden

Your indoor plants are vulnerable to all but a few of the same pests that trouble plants in outdoor gardens. Here’s how to prevent an infestation.

8 Smart Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Garden

Rats will fatten themselves on seeds, vegetables, bulbs, nuts, fruit, and – if you are very lucky – even flowers in your garden. Here are 8 safe ways to keep the vermin out.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Pests Naturally!

Stop pests eating your garden by encouraging natural predators and repellants

Planting a pest resistant garden… Right now, there are gardeners all around the world, tending their vegetables. But for who? Depending on where you are, are you also sharing your crop with possums, rabbits, mice or deer? Then there are the aphids, caterpillars, gnats and flies who also appreciate your lush annuals, perennials, vegetables, and […]

Want to start an organic garden? Here’s how.

Going Organic

You want to eat more organic food, but going organic is expensive: one look at the grocery store receipt can make you think twice. The good news is, that doesn’t have to stop you from eating healthier.

Why and How You Should Start a Mini-Meadow in Your Backyard

Growing a Mini-Meadow

A mini-meadow is essentially an area that gardeners have restored to the charge of nature. In these small plots, woodland violets, spring beauties, daisy fleabanes, and dandelions take precedence over Kentucky bluegrass and Zoysia. And for good reason.