Convenient Self-Watering Planter in 9 Steps

If you’re planning on growing plants that thrive on moist soil, such as tropical plants and vegetables, the best way to lessen the demand for meticulous attention is to use self-watering planters. These planters offer a great alternative to watering plants plus a host of many other benefits. Using self-watering planters will help you save […]

Healthy Fodder System For Your Livestock in 11 Steps

Growing fodder for livestock is a nutritious and economical way to feed your homestead animals. It doesn’t have to be huge. A small-scale system can actually work well, depending on the number of animals you need to feed. This is very useful especially if you live in areas with very long winters. The best thing […]

DIY Trellis and Raised Garden Box Combo

When starting a garden, the effort you put in today will be rewarded when your plants have started growing. If you plant flowers, your reward will be a colorful display of nature’s beauty. If, on one hand, you plant vegetables, your reward will be a fresh set of crops every harvest season. Growing plants, however, […]

Clever Garden Bed Edging Ideas

Garden bed edging is an important component in landscaping – it should not be overlooked. Adding a defined edging into your vegetable garden or lawn can serve several purposes. First, it can help keep unwanted animals away. Second, since it emphasizes spatiality, it’s good for visual aesthetics. There are a lot of garden bed edging […]

How to Build a Vertical Box Planter

Vertical gardens are great ideas. By raising the growing area, you’ll have fun growing plants without spending so much time on your knees. Also, you won’t have to bend down as much when you plant and harvest. You could very well say goodbye to a bad back. There are various types of vertical gardens. You […]

Earth-Sheltered Greenhouses: 5 Strong Gardening Benefits

If you want to make sure that what you’re eating is safe, you need to grow your own food. But this doesn’t come easy. The lack of space and extreme weather conditions can be huge problems. The solution is to build an earth-sheltered greenhouse. There are advantages to earth sheltering combined with passive solar energy. […]

DIY Wooden Garden Obelisk: 5 Essentials for Success

A wooden garden obelisk would look good in a garden as it provides a sharp contrast to its natural surroundings. The geometric nature of an obelisk will add a beautiful touch. Its crisp, structured lines and edges will allow the tower to stand out. This is a simple project, actually. However, there are angled cuts […]

8 Effortless Steps to Your Raised Garden Bed With Screen

Raised bed gardening with screen is far from a new concept in gardening. In the old days, gardeners used to double dig their beds to form rectangular or circular mounds 1-1 ½ ft. high, with sloping edges. In fact, raised beds are still standard practice in many places that receive much rain. Apart from ensuring […]

Removable Raised Garden Bed Fence: 8 Easy DIY Steps

More and more gardeners are opting for raised garden beds. Why not? After all, raised garden beds make gardening a whole lot easier. This means easy access to plants; because they’re elevated, you no longer have to stoop or bend down. You might as well say goodbye to backaches. If you’re planning on making a […]

DIY Garden Grow Box and Trellis Combo

Trellises are great decorative elements for your backyard, don’t you think so? They look nice especially when the plants have started to climb through them. If you’re planning on putting up trellises, you can take it up a notch by including grow boxes in them. A grow box and trellis combo is a great idea […]