DIY Raised and Enclosed Garden Bed

Gardening is fun, but not if you have to deal with annoying creatures that destroy your beloved plants. Rats and squirrels, among many others, could sometimes sneak up on you. They could damage your garden. But here’s a great DIY project that will help address this issue. Build an enclosed and raised garden bed! An […]

How to Turn Old Windows Into a Greenhouse

We hear the line “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” quite too often. Well, maybe because it’s true. Renovation projects are good sources of recyclable materials – like windows. If you know someone who’s renovating, check to see what you can salvage. A lot of homeowners have been replacing timber-framed windows with no-maintenance ones. […]

Build Your Own Corrugated Metal Raised Bed

Have you seen raised garden beds made out of galvanized corrugated metal? I think they’re beautiful. A friend made several of them in her garden and the project perfectly combined beauty and function. The industrial look contrasts beautifully with the wooden trims and the green surroundings. My husband knew how much I wanted to do […]