Build Your Own Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse

Easily grow your own produce in this earth-sheltered greenhouse.
Easily grow your own produce in this earth-sheltered greenhouse.

We need safe and natural food that are pesticide-free and aren’t genetically modified. If you want to make sure that what you’re eating is safe, you need to grow your own. But this doesn’t come easy. The lack of space and extreme weather conditions can be huge problems. The solution is to build an underground greenhouse.

These underground greenhouses provide a wide range of benefits to their owners.
These underground greenhouses provide a wide range of benefits to their owners.

Also called an earth-sheltered greenhouse, underground greenhouses provide numerous benefits. These structures provide consistent temperatures so it’s conducive for growing plants. They’re also good for areas where the climate can get pretty harsh.

Building an earth-sheltered greenhouse would be a worthwhile undertaking. Aside from plants, you can also keep livestock in them. They’re pretty versatile, I must say. Plus, because they’re buried underground, they’re not as exposed to the elements. This means lesser maintenance. Don’t you just love it?

Materials: (for a 20’x74’ earth-sheltered greenhouse)

  • 20 — 4” x 16’ poles or PVC pipes to span the roof
  • 3 — 3’ x 6’ hinged doors (one is for the 3’ x 5’ vent cover)
  • 3 — 3’ x 5’ door frames ( 2 if rear wall vent is not used)
  • 2 — 3’ x 6’ door lintels 1 — 6’ x 3’ vent lintel or roof frame for vent, if used
  • 1700 sq.’ of 200 micron agrofilm (polyethylene UV plastic)
  • 640’ of 1” wood stripping to secure plastic sheeting to the poles
  • 30 cubic. yds. of gravel for the floor drainage system
  • 1 cubic yds of gravel or stone to fill the 2 drain sumps
  • 233 cubic yds of soil will come from the excavation
  • 22 cubic yds of top soil for planting (8” x 66’ x 12’)
  • 94 cubic yds. for the rammed earth walls
  • 2700 sq’ of plastic sheeting to bury for drainage, if needed
  • 74 ‛ of drain gutter for the lower end of roof
  • 100’ of overthrow/drain pipe from gutter through barrel system to perimeter drainage ditch Nails
  • 116 8” x 4” x 12” adobes for the perimeter to seal plastic roof edge


  • Hammers
  • Shovels
  • Picks
  • Saws
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Crowbar
  • measuring tapes
  • levels
  • clear hose for corner levelling
  • cutting knives
  • hose
  • nozzle
  • hand compactors
  • adobe forms
  • drill with bits
  • stakes
  • nylon string
  • tractor or ox drawn fresno plow to dig hole

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You can build your own earth-sheltered greenhouse. Find the step-by-step instructions here.



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