How to Use Rice Hulls in Gardening

Using Rice Hulls in the Garden

When properly applied, they improve soil drainage, water-holding capacity, and aeration. Unlike perlite and other rock products, however, they do not require mining. Here’s how you can use rice hulls in your garden.

How to Restore Exhausted Soil

Restoring Soil Nutrients

When years of gardening – or plain neglect – exhausts a soil’s nutrients, it loses the vitality required to support life. Here’s how restore depleted soil nutrients without synthetic fertilizers.

How to Use Perlite to Improve Soil Structure

Using Perlite in the Garden

If you’ve bought potted plants or vegetable starters from a garden center, then you’ve probably wondered about those tiny white pellets in the potting soil. They look like bits of Styrofoam, but they’re not.