Want to start an organic garden? Here’s how.

Going Organic

You want to eat more organic food, but going organic is expensive: one look at the grocery store receipt can make you think twice. The good news is, that doesn’t have to stop you from eating healthier.

Why and How You Should Start a Mini-Meadow in Your Backyard

Growing a Mini-Meadow

A mini-meadow is essentially an area that gardeners have restored to the charge of nature. In these small plots, woodland violets, spring beauties, daisy fleabanes, and dandelions take precedence over Kentucky bluegrass and Zoysia. And for good reason.

Your Garden’s Role in the Fight Against Climate Change

For countless millions of people around the world, gardening is not just a hobby – it is a passion. If you are one of those millions, then you know for a fact that climate change has already had a significant effect on the environment. How do we reduce the consequences?

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden

Many of us live in modern living situations in apartments and smaller developments where space is at a premium. While there might be many options close to us for communal areas like parks and greens, some of us still crave the joy of growing our own plants, vegetables, or just herbs. The important thing to […]

Excellent Ways to Use Wood Ash in Your Garden

Using Ash in Your Garden

If you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, then you know about shovelling out ashes. If you’re into recycling, you’ll want a better way to get rid of those ashes than a trash bag.