Inspiring Dry Creek Bed Garden Ideas

Dry creek beds also called dry stream beds, are trenches or gullies that are typically lined with stones. Different kinds of plants line the edges, mimicking the look of natural creeks and streams. A lot of homeowners, especially those with large backyards, gardens, or lawns, include dry creek beds when landscaping. The good thing about […]

Clever Garden Bed Edging Ideas

Garden bed edging is an important component in landscaping – it should not be overlooked. Adding a defined edging into your vegetable garden or lawn can serve several purposes. First, it can help keep unwanted animals away. Second, since it emphasizes spatiality, it’s good for visual aesthetics. There are a lot of garden bed edging […]

Whimsical Fairy Garden ideas

There is a sense of magic that comes with having whimsical fairy gardens. There’s just something about these miniature tables, benches, swings, and houses that immediately transports you back to childhood. The good thing about these whimsical fairy gardens is that you get to go all-out with your creativity. These are where fairies live, after […]

Beautiful Garden Gate Ideas

While it’s true that the purpose of garden gates is to protect what’s inside it, they do more than just that. It acts as a point of entry and should be welcoming enough for your guests to feel comfortable while inside. When choosing the design of your garden gate, think about the tone that you […]

Mosaic Garden Path Ideas

Having a beautiful garden is a dream for most homeowners. It’s a great place to spend time in, enjoying the outdoors, and basking in the beauty of nature. Fortunately, beautifying one’s garden does not simply involve plants. There are a lot of things that you can do to enhance its aesthetics. One of the most […]

How to Build a Vertical Box Planter

Vertical gardens are great ideas. By raising the growing area, you’ll have fun growing plants without spending so much time on your knees. Also, you won’t have to bend down as much when you plant and harvest. You could very well say goodbye to a bad back. There are various types of vertical gardens. You […]

DIY Terra Cotta Fountain

The sound of running water is calming and very relaxing. This is the reason why a lot of homeowners include a water feature in their gardens, usually a large fountain. But not everyone can afford such luxury, right? Fortunately, there’s a less expensive alternative for that. If you’re looking for a great water feature for […]

DIY Garden Obelisk

A wooden garden tower would look good in a garden as it provides a sharp contrast to its natural surroundings. The geometric nature of an obelisk will add a beautiful touch. It’s crisp, structured lines and edges will allow the tower to stand out. This is a simple project, actually. However, there are angled cuts […]

How to Make a Concrete Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath

One of the many joys of owning a garden is having birds come over. The sound that they make is music to the ears – very calming and relaxing, indeed. This is why some homeowners put up birdhouses and feeders. These are invitations to stay. Additionally, you can lure birds by providing them with a […]

How to Make Planters Out of Wine Barrels

You don’t need a lot of space to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. All you really need is a container, a growing medium, water, and sun, and you can start growing some tasty things. Plant breeders know that after taste, home gardeners want high yields from small spaces, so they develop varieties that can […]