The 4 Best Soil-Less Indoor Garden Kits for Your Home

Soil-less Indoor Garden Kit
Inspired by NASA technology, today’s soil-less indoor garden kits and systems provide the perfect environment for plants to thrive. Many come with all the basics of indoor gardening, including grow lights, seeds, and auto-timers.

Nothing beats the taste of homegrown herbs and vegetables in a home-cooked meal. That’s why the experienced gardener will grow a few of them indoors, right on the kitchen windowsill.

The good news is that even gardeners with dubious growing skills can now harvest the benefits of indoor gardening. That’s mostly thanks to the innovative soil-less indoor garden kits now available in the market. 

We’ve rounded up four of the best indoor hydroponic garden kits and systems available on Amazon.
The future of indoor gardening with ingenious NASA-inspired kits.

The Best Soil-Less Indoor Garden Kits

We’ve rounded up four of the best indoor hydroponic garden kits and systems available on Amazon. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these kits can ensure you a year-round supply of fresh herbs and vegetables.

To help you make a choice, we’ve included our insights into each product on the list. We have also turned to the experts at PC Mag, NBC News, and Plant Food at Home for further information.

The AeroGarden Sprout Hydroponic Indoor Garden With Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit has emerged as the clear frontrunner and the ultimate choice thus far. Its exceptional blend of cutting-edge hydroponic technology and a delightful selection of gourmet herb seeds delivers an unparalleled gardening experience suitable for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your indoor gardening journey to new heights with the AeroGarden Soil-Less Indoor Garden Kit, ensuring bountiful harvests and culinary delights!

What about the other intriguing soil-less indoor garden kit options? Take a peek at the following contenders in this quest for the ultimate indoor garden!

Best Overall: AeroGarden Sprout Hydroponic Indoor Garden With Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit

Experience the thrill of indoor gardening with the AeroGarden Sprout Hydroponic Indoor Garden With Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit! This innovative soil-less indoor garden kit brings the joy of fresh herbs and veggies right to your fingertips, even in the coziest spaces.

Features: The AeroGarden Sprout boasts a sleek and space-saving design, perfect for small kitchens, countertops, or even desks. Equipped with a new silent pump and a soft-touch button to effortlessly control lights and reset plant food reminders, this indoor garden ensures a seamless gardening experience like never before.

Harnessing the power of energy-efficient full-spectrum 10-watt LED grow lights, the AeroGarden Sprout expertly tunes to the specific needs of your plants, maximizing photosynthesis for rapid and natural growth. Witness abundant harvests and enjoy the fruits of your gardening labor with lush and thriving greenery.

Best of all, start your gardening adventure right away with the gourmet herb seed pod package, which includes Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme, and Thai basil.

Capacity: Grow up to three plants simultaneously, ensuring a steady supply of fresh and flavorful herbs for your culinary adventures. With each plant reaching an impressive height of up to 10 inches, the AeroGarden Sprout revolutionizes indoor gardening.

Embrace the simplicity of plants growing in water, not soil, while delighting in the advanced technology that makes cultivating your own indoor garden a breeze.

Price: The AeroGarden Sprout is fairly priced and provides outstanding value for its features and performance, making it a viable choice for both seasoned gardeners and newbies.

Warranty: Backed by a reliable warranty, the AeroGarden Sprout guarantees peace of mind and assurance of its quality, ensuring your gardening experience remains delightful and stress-free.

Verdict: The AeroGarden Indoor Garden Kit stands as a perfect indoor gardening companion, providing an enchanting and rewarding experience for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Nurture your own fresh herbs and veggies, and elevate your culinary creations with the bountiful harvest from your very own indoor garden.

Get ready to sow the seeds of delight and bask in the satisfaction of home-grown goodness with the AeroGarden soil-less indoor garden kit!

AeroGarden Harvest Elite Indoor Garden Hydroponic System

Best Premium Option: Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden Starter Kit (12 Pods) With LED Grow Light & Automatic Timer

The Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden Starter Kit is a true marvel that brings the art of gardening to the modern era. With its ingenious design and advanced features, this soil-less indoor garden kit redefines the way you grow and nurture plants indoors. Embrace the wonders of hydroponics and witness the transformation of your living space into a flourishing garden, abundant with fresh and flavorful herbs and greens.

Features:  Cultivate your plants without any soil, ensuring freedom from soil contamination, heavy metal, pesticide residue, antibiotics, GMOs, and nitrites. The soil-less indoor garden kit comes with 12 planting seed pods made of Biochar Mud, a non-toxic and contaminant-free alternative, ensuring a natural and green planting experience that’s safer and healthier compared to regular sponges. (Seeds and Nutrient solution not included).

Enjoy the convenience of the smart indoor garden kit with its automatic control panel. The LED grow lights are automatically controlled, providing 18 hours of constant use and then turning off for 6 hours of rest, creating a perfect 24-hour cycle for your plants’ photosynthesis needs.

This soil-less indoor garden kit is equipped with a high-effective customized spectrum 22-watt LED lighting system, perfectly tuned to support indoor gardening with the necessary full spectrum of lights for maximum photosynthesis.

The unique Dual Growing Mode, offering settings for both vegetables and flowers/fruits, allows you to simulate optimum natural conditions for your plants with just one touch on the control panel.

The top of the system is equipped with an air circulation system that mimics the natural breeze, promoting more efficient plant growth without the need for manual pollination. Additionally, a water pump in the water tank circulates and delivers nutrients to the plant roots, ensuring they receive optimal nourishment and aiding in faster growth and development.

Capacity: This system allows up to twelve plants to grow simultaneously. Cultivate fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers, and more with this indoor gardening system, which accelerates plant growth up to five times faster than traditional soil-based methods. 

Price: The soil-less indoor garden kit offers exceptional value for its innovative features and high-performance capabilities. Priced reasonably, it presents an affordable and worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a rewarding indoor gardening experience.

Warranty: Garden with confidence, knowing that the soil-less indoor garden kit is backed by a reliable warranty. This warranty ensures your purchase is protected, allowing you to focus on cultivating a thriving and sustainable indoor garden.

Verdict: The Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden Starter Kit is the epitome of innovation and convenience, combining the power of hydroponics and advanced technology to revolutionize indoor gardening. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a curious enthusiast, this kit promises to elevate your gardening experience to new heights.

Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Best Value: iDOO Indoor Garden Kit

In contrast to the AeroGarden Indoor Garden Kit and Moistenland Indoor Hydroponic Garden, the iDOO Indoor Garden Kit stands out by not including pre-packaged seed pods. This unique feature allows you the freedom to select and grow the plants of your choice. Plus, you won’t have to rely on purchasing seeds exclusively from the manufacturer whenever you need more, giving you added flexibility and convenience.

Features: Apart from seeds, the iDOO indoor soil-less indoor garden kit comes with all the essentials to kickstart your indoor herb garden. With growing pods, plant food, and 24-Watt LED grow lights included, you have everything at your fingertips.

The system boasts three distinct lighting modes, each catering to specific growing requirements. You can easily adjust the height of the lights as your plants flourish, ensuring optimal growth conditions. Thanks to the automatic on/off feature, you won’t have to worry about manually managing the lights.

What’s more, the iDOO soil-less indoor garden kit is equipped with an efficient automatic water pump. This ensures that water circulates continuously, promoting better oxygen flow throughout the system and facilitating healthier plant growth.

Capacity: With the capability to accommodate seven plants at once, this kit provides ample space and resources to cultivate a diverse range of herbs, vegetables, or flowers, allowing users to create a thriving and vibrant indoor garden in their homes.

Price: When it comes to affordability and performance, the iDOO Indoor Garden Kit stands as the ultimate best-value option for all indoor gardening enthusiasts. With a competitive price point and an array of exceptional features, this soil-less indoor garden kit delivers remarkable value that surpasses expectations.

Experience the joy of growing fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers all year round with this budget-friendly yet quality indoor gardening solution.

Warranty: The iDOO kit is backed by a warranty to ensure satisfaction. So, enjoy peace of mind with reliable warranty coverage for your gardening journey.

Verdict: The iDOO Hydroponic Garden Starter Kit is a fantastic option for cultivating edible plants indoors. Grow basil and thyme and be delighted to witness their rapid growth into healthy and robust plants in just three weeks. This soil-less indoor garden kit makes indoor gardening simple and affordable.

Best Home and Office Decor: Back to the Roots Water Garden and Fish Tank

So, you want an aquarium and a small indoor garden but don’t have space for both? The Back to the Roots Water Garden and Fish Tank provides the perfect solution. It has an aquaponics system, serving as a self-cleaning fish tank that nurtures various plants like herbs and microgreens, among others.

Aquaponics combines hydroponics and aquaculture in a single ecosystem. This ancient farming system uses 90 percent less water than traditional agriculture.

Features: The sleek, self-watering planter allows you to cultivate lush succulents, houseplants, or even delectable herbs and microgreens. Unleash your creativity and customize the interior of the tank to create a stunning underwater scene that complements your decor.

The system features a self-watering cycle, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of hydration without constant monitoring. Bid farewell to worries of over or underwatering, as this hydroponic wonder takes care of your plant’s needs with ease.

Capacity: The Back to the Roots Indoor Hydroponic Garden With Fish Tank boasts a generous 3-gallon capacity, providing ample space for growing a variety of plants and creating a thriving ecosystem. It ensures that your plants have enough water and nutrients to flourish, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced indoor gardeners.

Price: The price is competitive, especially considering the 3-gallon capacity that allows you to create a flourishing indoor garden and maintain a beautiful underwater scene with the built-in fish tank. The hassle-free soil-less indoor garden kit guarantees effortless plant care, catering to individuals of all skill levels.

Warranty: The Back to the Roots indoor gardening kit comes with a promise: If it doesn’t grow as described, there is a replacement free of charge or a 100% refund. 

Verdict: The Back to the Roots Water Garden proves to be a worthwhile purchase for indoor gardening enthusiasts. While it offers a great gardening experience with its soil-less indoor garden kit, some users might find the process of feeding the fish a little tedious, mainly due to the design of the system. But, its overall performance and benefits make it a valuable addition to any home or office space.

This is also the only soil-less indoor garden kit on this list that doesn’t guarantee a year-round supply of fresh herbs. (The kit doesn’t come with grow lights.) But you do get a lot in return.

The water garden is clean, looks beautiful, and makes wonderful decor for your home, kitchen, or office. You get fresh microgreens every two weeks or so during the growing season, too.

Wrapping It Up…

Are you ready to grow a garden in your living room, kitchen, or office? As you can see, the right soil-less indoor garden kit equipment is readily available and quite reasonably priced. Better still, you can order and have it delivered without even leaving your home. You can enjoy fresh, homegrown herbs in just three weeks!



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