Basic Lawn Mowing Patterns for Your Yard and Garden

Increasingly, you’ll find lawn mower art on the lawns of gardening enthusiasts and in the statelier grounds of country manors. Here are a few basic lawn mowing patterns to get you started on your own masterpiece.

How to Grow a Green and Healthy Eco-Friendly Lawn

Some experts say that, with a little creativity and extra work, it may be possible to grow an environment-friendly lawn. Here are five tips on raising an eco-friendly lawn, according to lawn experts.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Houseplant Starter Kit

Keeping a flourishing collection of houseplants will require some attention and patience. Those of us who have managed to keep our houseplants alive and healthy have found a few items indispensable, though. Here’s a guide to assembling a good starter kit for houseplants.

How to Start an Aquaponic Garden

Starting an aquaponic garden involves some work. But once you have the system started, it requires little in the way of maintenance. Here’s all you need to know to start an aquaponic garden.

Our Take on 4 of the Best Robotic Lawnmowers in the Market

Making time to trim the lawn can be difficult, and the task itself can be tedious. Fortunately, if you’re willing to spend some money, there’s now a smart solution. Here’s our take on four of the best robot lawnmowers on Amazon.

The Best Soil-less Indoor Garden Kits

Inspired by NASA technology, today’s soil-less indoor garden kits and systems provide the perfect environment for plants to thrive. Here are four of the best soil-less indoor garden kits in the market right now.

5 Ways to Make Your Lawn Smarter

Smart outdoor devices have evolved more slowly than their indoor counterparts, but it’s clear that their time has arrived. Here are five ways to bring smart tech to your lawn.

3 Smart Ways to Light Your Garden

The future of gardening isn’t just bright – it’s smart, too. In fact, smart-lighting products can even now transform your garden and other outdoor spaces. Here are three smart ways to light your garden.