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Latest Posts
Growing Marigolds
Colourful gardens

How to Grow Marigolds

Marigolds are easy to grow and reliable under a wide range of gardening conditions. Here are a few tips on growing the colorful flowers in your garden.

How to Grow Green Beans
Tips and Tricks

Growing Tips: Green Beans for Beginners

In addition to being a scrumptious and healthy garden treat, green beans can improve soil fertility by setting nitrogen with their roots. Here’s how to grow them in your backyard.

Growing Daffodils
Colourful gardens

Here’s How You Grow and Maintain Daffodils

The easy-to-grow, low maintenance daffodil will add a bright splash of color to your flowerbeds and will return year after year. The key is to plant and care for them properly.

Growing Zinnias
Colourful gardens

How to Grow Zinnias

Zinnias are among the easiest annuals to grow. They’ll bring a breathtaking explosion of color to your garden when they are in bloom.

How to Grow Celery
Tips and Tricks

The Basics of Growing Celery

Celery is popular for its many health benefits, its versatility, and delicious crunch. Here’s how to grow all that green goodness in your garden.

How to Get Rid of Soggy Spots in the Garden
Lawn care

How to Deal with Standing Water in Your Garden

Thawing winter and the spring rains soak the ground, and rivers flood into the lowlands. Low-slung corners in the garden can become muddy or even flooded, sometimes unworkable until late in the growing season. How do you deal with standing water in your garden?

Using Rice Hulls in the Garden
Compost and soils

How to Use Rice Hulls in Gardening

When properly applied, they improve soil drainage, water-holding capacity, and aeration. Unlike perlite and other rock products, however, they do not require mining. Here’s how you can use rice hulls in your garden.

Growing Guide: Peppers
Colourful gardens

How to Grow Peppers

The colorful fruits are low in calories and abundantly rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. This makes them an excellent addition to a healthy diet and a diverse backyard garden

Gardens to Enjoy at Night
Colourful gardens

How to Create a Moonlight Garden

For your late-evening entertaining, nighttime strolls, or outdoor suppers, try these tips for a spectacular moonlight garden.

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