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Grow Your Own Forest Garden

While the name might imply that they require considerable space, forest gardening is simply another way to integrate edible and useful trees and bushes into home gardens.

Tips and Tricks

Succession Cropping to Get More out of Your Garden

Over the years, farmers and gardeners have developed several methods of succession planting, making efficient use of space, crop varieties, climate, and timing. Here are a few tips to help you grow a succession garden in your backyard.

Herb gardens

Grow Your Own Mint in Containers

In ancient China, pharmacologists extolled the benefits of mint for regulating qi – energy – in the human body. Here’s how to grow this culinary herb in a container.

Herb gardens

Grow Your Own Parsley

With its insinuations of camphor and citrus, and its delicate peppery crunch, parsley cuts fat and lends a vigorous zing to almost any dish. Here’s how to grow this herb in your garden.

Herb gardens

Grow Your Own Coriander

The tiny, pungent leaves of the coriander plant make a handsome thicket of fresh green in either a sunny or partially shaded spot in the garden. Here’s how to grow the herb in your backyard.


The Basics of Garden Intercropping

Gardeners who tend to small gardens can enjoy a more diverse and abundant harvest by growing two or more crops in the same area. Here are the basics of intercropping.

Colourful gardens

Container Gardening for Beginners

Cunningly arranged, lushly planted containers bring the joy of gardening to the smallest of corners. Here’s how to start your own container garden.

Gardening with Nature

How to Create Your Own Wildlife Pond

You can create a watery sanctuary in your garden using little more than butyl rubber pond liner, gravel, sub-soil, and a selection of native plants. Here is how.

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