Grow Your Own Mint in Containers
In ancient China, pharmacologists extolled the benefits of mint for...
Grow Your Own Parsley
With its insinuations of camphor and citrus, and its delicate...
Grow Your Own Coriander
The tiny, pungent leaves of the coriander plant make a...
The Basics of Garden Intercropping
Gardeners who tend to small gardens can enjoy a more...
Container Gardening for Beginners
Cunningly arranged, lushly planted containers bring the joy of gardening...
How to Create Your Own Wildlife Pond
You can create a watery sanctuary in your garden using...
Grow Your Own Horseradish
We grate it onto coleslaw or use it as a...
Grow Your Own French Tarragon
Unlike those overbearing herbs that dominate whatever dish they touch,...
How to Use Herbs in Your Summer Garden’s Design
You don’t need an elaborate plan. They are quite the...
How to Grow Bulb Fennel
We are right now approaching a distinct juncture in the...

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Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

No gardener worth his salt will allow his guests to sit on a grimy patio chair or eat newly-harvested vegetables at a dirty table.

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Grow Your Own Morning Glory Flowers

In nature’s magnificent show, the morning glory undergoes costume changes like no other floral diva. With normal fluctuations in pH levels, its petals will shift

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Grow Your Own Asters

With more than 600 species in the Aster genus, you have a galaxy from which to choose the precise variety for your garden. Here’s how you grow these lovely flowers from seed.

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Big Ideas for a Small Garden

The phrase “small is beautiful” will almost certainly come to mind when one is confronted with the challenge of designing a garden for a compact space. Here are a few ideas that might help.

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