The Basics of Growing Celery
Celery is popular for its many health benefits, its versatility,...
How to Deal with Standing Water in Your Garden
Thawing winter and the spring rains soak the ground, and...
How to Use Rice Hulls in Gardening
When properly applied, they improve soil drainage, water-holding capacity, and...
How to Grow Peppers
The colorful fruits are low in calories and abundantly rich...
How to Create a Moonlight Garden
For your late-evening entertaining, nighttime strolls, or outdoor suppers, try...
Growing Swiss Chard in Your Backyard
Swiss chard is a nutrious addition to soups, stir-fry dishes,...
How to Restore Exhausted Soil
When years of gardening – or plain neglect – exhausts...
How to Use Perlite to Improve Soil Structure
If you’ve bought potted plants or vegetable starters from a...
Basic Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own
If you’re among the many who have decided to start...
Recyclable Rockery: How to Start a Straw Bale Garden
There’s a reason why straw bale gardening is getting a...

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Latest Posts
Going Organic
Compost and soils

Want to start an organic garden? Here’s how.

You want to eat more organic food, but going organic is expensive: one look at the grocery store receipt can make you think twice. The good news is, that doesn’t have to stop you from eating healthier.

Growing a Mini-Meadow

Why and How You Should Start a Mini-Meadow in Your Backyard

A mini-meadow is essentially an area that gardeners have restored to the charge of nature. In these small plots, woodland violets, spring beauties, daisy fleabanes, and dandelions take precedence over Kentucky bluegrass and Zoysia. And for good reason.

Growing a Perrenial Favorite
Colourful gardens

Perennial Dream: How to Grow Hellebores

The different varieties of hellebore tout a magnificent range of flower colors. Some have a surprisingly unique coloring, anywhere from white to soft lavender to black. This is among the reasons why this perennial has a place in just about any landscape.

Light Up Your Garden
Colourful gardens

Expert Garden Lighting Made Simple and Easy

If you’re spending more of your time choosing garden décor or puzzling over lawn furniture, remember that lighting can completely transform a space. Your garden lights do not just brighten dark corners, they affect your mood, as well.

Piet Oudulf's Garden Design Style
Colourful gardens

How to Design a Garden ala Piet Oudulf

Piet Oudulf is famous. One might say he is to landscape design what Mick Jagger is to rock n’ roll. His plant combinations are dynamic, breathtaking, and playful. We’ll tell you how he does it! (Photo: Esther Westerveld)

Learning How to Slow Garden
Colourful gardens

Slow Gardening: Learn a Rock n’ Roll Approach to Green Living

With countless followers and a relaxed approach to gardening, American horticulturist Felder Rushing is changing the way people garden. You’ll enjoy learning a thing or two from his carefree approach to green living! (Photo: Natalie Maynor/Flickr)

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