5 Amazing Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Before you throw out your used coffee grounds, think again.
Before you throw out your used coffee grounds, think again.

Don’t throw your coffee grounds into the trash bin; their use extends far beyond your coffee cup. The truth is, you can use those coffee grounds in your garden. They help enrich the soil with potassium, nitrogen, and other minerals. When used appropriately, coffee grounds will help improve the quality of your garden soil and contribute to better plant growth.

Aside from your own supply, you can get coffee grounds from restaurants, hotels, or coffee shops. Ask nicely and some would be willing to give them away for free. These are things that they normally discard. You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Used coffee grounds may be used in the garden in many ways...
Used coffee grounds may be used in the garden in many ways…

Here are five amazing ways to use coffee grounds in your garden:

1. Composting

Add those coffee grounds into your compost bin because they’re rich in nitrogen. Additionally, they also contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, and several other trace minerals. As a compost tip, put newspapers and dry leaves in your compost bin, too.

2. Fertilizer

Simply add coffee grounds directly to your garden soil and you have instant fertilizer. A good alternative would be to make liquid fertilizer. In a bucket, mix five gallons of water with two cups of used coffee grounds. Leave it for a couple of hours, or overnight. You may put it inside a spray bottle and squirt it directly on the stems and leaves of your plants.

3. Pest Control

Use coffee grounds as a snail and slug barrier. Sprinkle them around plants that are prone to such pests. Coffee grounds are known to be abrasive so doing this will help keep pests away.

4. Cat Repellent

Cats absolutely hate coffee grounds. If you’ve been having problems with your neighbor’s cats getting into your garden and destroying your plants, sprinkling coffee grounds into the ground will help keep them away.

5. Better Harvest

If you have planted carrots and radishes in your garden, then they’re all set to benefit from coffee grounds. Troweling the soil around the immature shoots of these plants and putting in used coffee grounds had been shown to yield larger and sweeter produce.

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Do you know of other amazing ways with which we can use coffee grounds in the garden? We’d love to hear from you!



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