Low-Maintenance Plants That Will Survive Your Constant Neglect

If you think you can't grow plants because you're too busy, these low maintenance plants will prove you wrong.
If you think you can’t grow plants because you’re too busy, these low-maintenance plants will prove you wrong.

Wherever you decide to put them, plants make an area come alive. They brighten up any space and make them feel lived-in. However, there are people who are quite hesitant to grow plants, especially those who think they have no green thumbs. The amount of work required to care for plants is enough for other homeowners to think twice.

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But did you know that there are plants that you can easily grow without you having to fuss over them? If you’re a very busy person and you think having living plants around you is impossible, think again.

Since anthuriums dislike moist soil, there is really no need to water them constantly.
Since anthuriums dislike moist soil, there is really no need to water them constantly.

Below is a list of plants that requires very little maintenance. In fact, some of them thrive even with the lack of care.

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Bird of Paradise


Peace Lily

Ponytail Palm


Snake plant




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