DIY Burlap Bag Shaped Concrete Planters

This is a simple project with beautiful results.

Every now and then, it’s nice to come up with something to add an element of interest to a space. Gardens, for example, are wonderful places to put up quirky, exciting pieces. Whether you decide to choose a piece of furniture, a water feature, or trinkets, even the little things go a long way.

I have an aunt who’s constantly at work in her garden. When she’s unreachable by phone, we can easily find her in her favorite spot – planting, replanting, moving pots. For her birthday, we wanted to give her something that will reflect the garden-loving person that she is.

These burlap-shaped planters will look good in your garden!
These burlap-shaped planters will look good in your garden!

It was by sheer luck that my daughter came across this DIY project for unique burlap bag-shaped concrete planters. These planters are fun and quirky; eye-catching pieces that really stand out. We made several planters at once. It was very easy to make. Now we’re thinking of making some more for our neighbors.


  • RapidSet Cementall
  • Sisal or Jute Rope


  • Heavy Foil/plastic bag
  • Mixing container, water, mixing spoon, Gloves & Dust Mask
  • Pliers and Sanding disc

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Watch the video below to learn how to make these burlap bag-shaped pots…



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