How to Restore Exhausted Soil

Restoring Soil Nutrients

When years of gardening – or plain neglect – exhausts a soil’s nutrients, it loses the vitality required to support life. Here’s how restore depleted soil nutrients without synthetic fertilizers.

5 Smart Ways to Use Leaves in Your Garden

We all know what it’s like to spend a fall afternoon clearing the garden of leaves. But wouldn’t it be simpler – if not better – if we use them to make a more productive garden?

Who Said Orange Peels Aren’t Good for Compost?

I recently came across this meme on Facebook.   We all know Abe didn’t say that. But there are people who believed that meme and actually think he did. You see how the internet can sometimes be a source of false information? Take this for example: I love oranges. My family loves them, too. We […]

How to Make Your Own High Quality Compost

Australia has the thinnest layer of topsoil of all the continents. Many of us buy in soils for our gardens and/or add large quantities of humus to try to improve what we have. Soils are being depleted all over the world.  With very little effort we can make a difference in our own backyard.  Here […]