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Growing Basil from Seed
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Herb gardens

Grow Your Own Horseradish

We grate it onto coleslaw or use it as a main ingredient in a fiery sauce that traditionally accompanies roast beef. Here’s how to gvrow your own horseradish.

Herb gardens

Grow Your Own French Tarragon

Unlike those overbearing herbs that dominate whatever dish they touch, French tarragon is a gentle mediator of flavors. Here is how you grow this aromatic herb in your backyard.


How to Grow Bulb Fennel

We are right now approaching a distinct juncture in the gardening calendar. If you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, then May and June

Colourful gardens

Grow Your Own Bog Garden

If you have a leaky pond or a perennially wet patch in your backyard, you can convert it into a child-safe bog garden. Here’s how.

Colourful gardens

Tips on Planting in Summer

Planting is not confined to spring and fall. You may have sound reasons for sowing seed in summer. Here is how.


Grow Your Own Lavender

The ancient Greeks used lavender to fight insomnia and back aches. Mary is said to have washed the feet of Jesus with lavender ointment. Here’s how to grow lavender in your backyard.

Colourful gardens

7 Flowers to Plant this Summer

The flowers of late summer and autumn are particularly gorgeous. Here are seven flowers to plant in your summer garden.

Tips and Tricks

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

No gardener worth his salt will allow his guests to sit on a grimy patio chair or eat newly-harvested vegetables at a dirty table.

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