Is it possible to have a bush-fire resistant garden?
Australia has always had fires. They come with the territory....
How to Protect Your Garden Against Heat Stress
Blistering temperatures above typical summer averages drive us indoors –...
How to Manage a Bee House for Your Garden
When properly managed, bee houses are the perfect habitat for...
How to Grow Rosemary in Containers
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Growing Basil from Seed
People have treasured the unique taste of basil leaves for...
How to Grow Sugar Snap Peas from Seed
Home-grown sugar snaps are much sweeter, more succulent, and far...
Here’s the Proper Way to Water Succulents
Because succulents have adapted to harsh, dry climates, they have...
Growing Cauliflowers in Containers
The cauliflower is a wide, girthy plant, but its roots...
The Right Way to Water Your Plants
Watering doesn’t have to be an exact science. But proper...
Crop Rotation 101: What it is and Why You Need to Know
Planting the same thing in the same place year after...

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Gardening with Nature

Raised Garden Bed Projects

Raised garden beds do offer a lot of benefits for gardeners. It makes tending to greens more convenient, especially for people experiencing lower back/knee pain.

Indoor gardens

Glass Jar Greenhouse

Some want to grow vegetables all year. Some want to extend their gardening season. Others want to grow exotic plants that don’t survive in their

Honey made from lavender is very highly regarded.
Colourful gardens

Luscious Lavender

by David Wilks  –  an ambitious, amateur gardener from a long line of ambitious, amateur gardeners! I have always found it very difficult to walk

Vertical gardening

How to make your own Vertical Planter

Here’s a step by step guide on how to make your own vertical planter. Materials: – Any length 100mm-150mm (4″ – 6″) diameter PVC or

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