Get Rid of Those Pesky Pests Naturally!
Planting a pest resistant garden... Right now, there are gardeners...
Growing Blueberries from Seed
Blueberries are a favorite among backyard gardeners because they are...
How to Grow Okra
Okra is a popular food crop in Africa, the Middle...
How to Grow Snow Peas in Your Backyard
There is a reason why snow peas are called such....
How to Grow Red Kidney Beans
Red beans, also called kidney beans, are both a healthy...
How to Build a Hügelkultur Raised Bed
Small farmers and homesteaders all over the world have used...
Starting a Home Seed Bank for Your Garden and Family
Here’s how to go about storing seeds to ensure your...
6 Gardening Tips to Minimize Transplant Shock
In nature, plants put down roots and remain in one...
6 Amazing Uses of Coco Coir in the Garden
The versatile organic material is now widely available in processed...
Is your garden anemic? Here’s how to fix it.
Garden anemia – or iron chlorosis – is the most...

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DIY tall planter

DIY Tall Planters for $20

Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. That’s why we like having them around our homes.

Indoor gardens

Glass Jar Greenhouse

Some want to grow vegetables all year. Some want to extend their gardening season. Others want to grow exotic plants that don’t survive in their

Honey made from lavender is very highly regarded.
Colourful gardens

Luscious Lavender

by David Wilks  –  an ambitious, amateur gardener from a long line of ambitious, amateur gardeners! I have always found it very difficult to walk

Vertical gardening

How to make your own Vertical Planter

Here’s a step by step guide on how to make your own vertical planter. Materials: – Any length 100mm-150mm (4″ – 6″) diameter PVC or

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