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If you’re growing vegetables in your backyard, harvest season is always an exciting time. You’re literally seeing the fruits of your labor. The harvest in


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Decorative planters are adorable additions to any garden. If you want something new to spice up your backyard or any space, these planters will do


How to Build a Strawberry Tower

I love strawberries and I’ve always wanted to grow my own. I wanted to be able to pick them by myself and eat fresh strawberries


How to Make Cement Balloon Planters

Gardens are spaces of joy. For most people, it’s a place for relaxation. Garden-lovers usually find new things to add, just to update and upgrade.

Pest and weed control

How to Make a Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

Our elderly neighbors knocked on our doors one early morning, asking for help. They discovered a nest of yellow jackets in their backyard and their

Gift ideas

DIY Garden Tool Bucket Organizer

Have you ever found yourself lugging around several gardening tools all at the same time? It’s pretty difficult, considering you only have two hands. At

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