How to Grow Eggplants from Seed to Harvest

A native of Africa and India, eggplants have found a cherished place in the cuisines of Spain, Sicily, and Southern France. Here’s how to grow some in your backyard.

How to Grow Zucchini from Seed

Because they are such prolific fruiting vegetables, you usually only need one or two zucchini plants for an entire family. Even then, you may still find yourself giving zucchini away to neighbors.

How to Grow Okra

Okra is a popular food crop in Africa, the Middle East, Greece, Turkey, India, the Caribbean, South America, and the Southern US. Here’s how to grow okra in your backyard.

How to Grow Red Kidney Beans

Red beans, also called kidney beans, are both a healthy inclusion to your diet and an excellent crop for the backyard garden. Here’s how to grow them from seed.

How to Start a Square-Foot Garden

When practiced correctly, the square-foot gardening uses less space to grow vegetables, and its maintenance requires no pesticides or tools. Here’s how to start a square-foot garden okf your own.