Container Gardening for Beginners

Cunningly arranged, lushly planted containers bring the joy of gardening to the smallest of corners. Here’s how to start your own container garden.

Grow Your Own Bog Garden

If you have a leaky pond or a perennially wet patch in your backyard, you can convert it into a child-safe bog garden. Here’s how.

Tips on Planting in Summer

Planting is not confined to spring and fall. You may have sound reasons for sowing seed in summer. Here is how.

7 Flowers to Plant this Summer

The flowers of late summer and autumn are particularly gorgeous. Here are seven flowers to plant in your summer garden.

Grow Your Own Morning Glory Flowers

In nature’s magnificent show, the morning glory undergoes costume changes like no other floral diva. With normal fluctuations in pH levels, its petals will shift color from blue to pink, and sometimes red in the course of a single day. Morning glories are annual climbers with slender, curling stems, lush, green, heart-shaped leaves, and trumpet […]

Grow Your Own Asters

With more than 600 species in the Aster genus, you have a galaxy from which to choose the precise variety for your garden. Here’s how you grow these lovely flowers from seed.

Big Ideas for a Small Garden

The phrase “small is beautiful” will almost certainly come to mind when one is confronted with the challenge of designing a garden for a compact space. Here are a few ideas that might help.