Natural Vertical Planter From Bamboo: 9-Step Guide

We used to complain about small spaces. Over the years, we learned that instead of complaining, it’s better to find a solution. And that we did. We have learned to use the nook, crannies, and walls, maximizing space. In addition, we have learned to look up and add a vertical planter from bamboo on our […]

Hedging Bamboos – Malay Dwarf Variegated

A close up of the beautiful variegation of Bambusa heterostachya cv. Variegated (Malay Dwarf)

If you want to create a dense hedge to block out a neighbour, it’s hard to go past the variegated Malay Dwarf bamboo. Note that not all Bambusa heterostachya are variegated. You need to select the specific cultivar (cv) ‘variegated’, if you want this appearance. Don’t get me wrong here… the non-variegated cultivar is also an excellent […]