DIY Grow Light Shelving System

If you live in an area with warm or moderate temperatures throughout the year, growing your own food isn’t a big problem. You can plant organic crops in a timely manner and then harvest accordingly. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables right from your very own backyard. However, some people aren’t as lucky. Growing […]

DIY Milk Crate Composter

Serious gardeners often make their own compost. While it’s easy to buy compost from the store, there’s something satisfying about making your own. It’s inexpensive and you know which mixture works best on your plants. There are a lot of DIY compost bins projects that you can easily use. For example, there are those made […]

How to Build Strawberry Milk Crate Tower

My boys love strawberries. A couple of years ago, we decided to grow our own. The boys enjoyed it so much because it was a family effort. Our first two harvests went well. After that, we had to move the plants because they were infested with aphids. Last year, however, we had an extremely disappointing […]

DIY Compost Sieve

If you’re composting and you find that your compost is rough and bulky, don’t worry. I’m a firm believer of the adage that says for every problem, there is a solution. If you want your compost to look and feel like those that you bought from the garden store, it’s possible. In this case, you’ll […]

DIY Jellyfish Air Plant

Are you looking for something that could spice up your collection of house plants? If you love air plants, there’s an adorable way of displaying them. Turn them into jellyfish air plants and suspend them on air. It’s a fun and cute idea, one to immediately brighten up a space. Air plants do not need […]

Grow Your Own Upside Down Tomato Planter

Have you seen how some gardeners plant their tomatoes upside-down? It’s a great way to grow tomatoes. However, the planters can be pretty expensive when you buy them from the store. Additionally, not all of them have good reviews. To ensure the quality of your upside-down tomato planters, it’s best that you make your own. […]

How to Get Rid of Grubs in Lawn Naturally

Grubs are small, worm-like insects. They’re the larvae of most beetles and their presence is a problem for most gardeners. As they grow, they eat grass roots which cause the grass to die. This can cause brown patches on the lawn – an unsightly sight, if I may say so. If you’re having a grub […]

How to Make a Flower Tower

Are you looking for new ways to brighten up your garden? If you want something fun, you’ll surely like this DIY flower tower project. Flower towers are a great idea. They’re a colourful addition to your yard or garden. Plus, the height will help you maximize space. This is very helpful if you live in […]

How to Make Compost Tea

Compost is a staple in every garden. They make the plants healthy and enrich the soil. But did you know that you can also make liquid compost? It’s called compost tea because they’re made by steeping compost material in water. It’s pretty much like how we prepare our tea at home. Compost tea is a […]

DIY Seed Spacing Template

There are a lot of gardening tools nowadays and a new one is discovered quite often. These tools make gardening a whole lot easier and fun. Fortunately, you can simply DIY some of them. If you have time in your hands, tools, and materials, you can get them done in no time. Here’s another tool […]