Why It’s Important To Aerate Your Lawn!

Your grass needs space! Lots of space! But not where you probably think. It needs space below ground. It needs that space to take up air, nutrients and water. Quite simply, your lawns’ roots need to ‘breathe’. What is it lawn aeration? Golfers do it all the time! It’s one reason golf courses always look […]

Is it possible to have a bush-fire resistant garden?

Your garden and fire.

Australia has always had fires. They come with the territory. The same can be said of parts of the USA and even Europe. But the intensity and frequency of those fires has accelerated in the past decade as climates become warmer and, more alarmingly, drier. Areas that historically have had low fire risks are now […]

The wonderful and wondrous world compost

Composting is great for the environment and even better for your garden.

By Ashley Baxter and Hey Monty! Do you know that your kitchen scraps and the compost bin at the bottom of your yard can help save the world? Want to know how?  Our planet is warming, our population continues to explode at an exponential rate and we’re depleting our soils faster than nature can replenish […]

Get Rid of Those Pesky Pests Naturally!

Stop pests eating your garden by encouraging natural predators and repellants

Planting a pest resistant garden… Right now, there are gardeners all around the world, tending their vegetables. But for who? Depending on where you are, are you also sharing your crop with possums, rabbits, mice or deer? Then there are the aphids, caterpillars, gnats and flies who also appreciate your lush annuals, perennials, vegetables, and […]

iRobot announces the new Terra Robotic lawnmower

When domestic robotic vacuum cleaners first hit the market, they were considered a cute, if somewhat impractical, concept. The Jetsons had finally arrived in town but with a few Flintstone drawbacks. That was waaaay back in 2002. iRoomba has gone through many iterations since and is now a powerful, very smart, household helper. Like all […]

Sage… great for your garden and wonderful for your health!

To enhance relaxation and mental well-being, sage leaves can be bound and burned as incense.

Ancient Egyptian women drank sage tea as an aid to fertility. In ancient Greece it was used for healing and as an anti-bacterial agent. Those anti-bacterial properties have made it a personal deodorant in some cultures. And, of course, it’s widely used in cooking! So easy to grow and so beneficial! You can grow sage […]

The Green Promise of Vertical Food Gardens

Over the Rainbow Chard: A worker tends to double-sided walls of rainbow chard at one of Plenty’s facilities. Tubes of LEDs tuned for these specific plants light the leaves from multiple angles, something conventional vertical farms are now starting to experiment with by lighting the leaves from beneath as well as above.

In crowded cities, vertical gardens have the potential to filter the air, turning otherwise harmful levels of smog into lush walls of greenery. Vertical gardens also bring life – in many forms – back to otherwise barren locations by proving food and refuge. And there is ample research showing that access to gardens, vertical or […]

Hedging Bamboos – Malay Dwarf Variegated

A close up of the beautiful variegation of Bambusa heterostachya cv. Variegated (Malay Dwarf)

If you want to create a dense hedge to block out a neighbour, it’s hard to go past the variegated Malay Dwarf bamboo. Note that not all Bambusa heterostachya are variegated. You need to select the specific cultivar (cv) ‘variegated’, if you want this appearance. Don’t get me wrong here… the non-variegated cultivar is also an excellent […]

Who Said Orange Peels Aren’t Good for Compost?

I recently came across this meme on Facebook.   We all know Abe didn’t say that. But there are people who believed that meme and actually think he did. You see how the internet can sometimes be a source of false information? Take this for example: I love oranges. My family loves them, too. We […]

Hey! We found a robot to weed your garden!

There are a few robotic lawn mowers to choose from but Tertill is the first domestic robitic weeded we've come across.

Meet Tertill – he’s your new best friend. He can weed and scare garden pests away. He’ll do it day after day, month after month without pay. And you don’t even have to feed him ‘coz he’s solar powered! How good can it get? All you need to do now is get Tertill talking with your […]